Thursday, December 02, 2004

Roughing It

Its going to be a tough four years. We found that out last night at a meeting with several of our State Delegates concerning the issue of Mental Health. I have never seen politicians quite so crass. They offered us nothing. To the question about impending funding cuts, they were oblivious. There was a lot of lip flapping and little humorous asides, but, absolutely nothing positive. And, of course, they blamed all the troubles on the previous, Democratic, Administration.

I don't think its funny at all. The pinnacle of the night came when one of the delegates, a nurse, began to upbraid families who made less than $40,000 for using Medicaid for their kids instead of, "buying insurance through their employer." For openers, many small employers here on the Eastern Shore are in the process of getting out of the business of offering health insurance. What then, my dear? Also, we are one of the richest counties in the WORLD. And she feels we can't afford to offer health insurance to some lower, lower middle class kids so she can get her tax break AND balance the State Budget. Give me a break.

This tremendous financial catastrophe that we are entering is the direct result of George W. Bush and his tax cuts. The rich and powerful (including State Delegates) are going to lord it over us until we somehow, effectively, change the system.

It will change, but it will be a long time. We can't stop working for this change. Our children's lives and livlihoods depend on it.

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