Tuesday, November 30, 2004

In the middle

What has always amazed me is that, when looking back on an episode in one's own life, or an episode in the life of the World, we can't figure out why we didn't do something, anything, to change its course. But, it is only in retrospect that episodes have a beginning and an end. It is rare that a person can say, "well, we are smack dab in the middle of this occurrence."

While elections seem to be beginnings and ends, they really aren't. There is very little that is different now in America after Nov 2 (except a lot of weeping and gnashing of blue teeth).

One of the movies I saw as a youth, at least several times, featured a rushing train in the first scene. Onward, and onward surged the train through a blinding rainstorm. We saw that the tracks had been washed out ahead, but, of course, the engineer did not know that and the mighty train plunged headlong into a deep valley.

What did intelligent Germans feel in 1935-37? Were they aware of the looming disaster for their country? Will we ever know?

The word for today is hubris, and it is palpable. Sorry, that's Hubris.

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