Thursday, December 02, 2004

Iraq's Children

This from the Guardian:
Medact said Iraq had also experienced an alarming recurrence of previously well-controlled communicable diseases, including acute respiratory infections, diarrhoea and typhoid, particularly among children, the report said.

One in four people in Iraq were now dependent on food aid, and there were more children underweight or chronically malnourished than in 2000, the report found. The near disappearance of immunisation programmes had contributed to the recurrence of death and illness from preventable disease, and infant mortality rose due to a lack of access to skilled help in childbirth, as well as to violence.(emphasis added)

Excuse me Mr. Everything-Is-Going-Well-In-Iraq. You can't even immunize the children? Why even the poorest countries in the world have immunization programs. Where's UNICEF? Oh, I forgot, they got bombed to little, tiny bits.

I know, give them a Tax Break. Damn.

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