Saturday, October 01, 2011

Friday Crab Blogging (late)

A contribution from across the pond. Cute, but no cigar.

I am not sure that crabs are into minnows for bait, but could be.

Madi constructed a story. Not sure what it is, but knowing Madi, its got to be interesting.

I like this one because of the nose. Sort of Venice Carnival spirit. (By Emma)

This is Dr. C. reacting to the Republican politicians running for President.

A while back we discussed how to tell male and female crabs apart. It has to do with their apron being either the Capitol or the Washington Monument. The males are, as Michalea has indicated (and did so last year), "Jimmeys," and the females are "Sooks." (though the word "sook" apparently means "baby" in Southwest England.).

We are into crabs.


Felix said...

Always a tonic, Doc!

Hard to pic a favourite, but I'm prejudiced in favour of the one that makes me laugh most: "...Dr. C. reacting to the Republican politicians..." :-)

Wander Woman said...

Just found your blog and will be 'following' you. Great stuff on here. Would be nice if there was an 'about me' profile so we could know something about you. Thanks.
I am an ex-Marylander, grew up in No. Va. Have recently relocated to Canada and am learning about their health system here.

Jen (wanderwoman)

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