Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Crab Blogging

This entry was sent in from across the seas from our able correspondent and fellow curmudgeon (at least I assume one who is a Growler is a curmudgeon, but I could be mistaken). (correction: mage provided by Judith Acland of View Camera.) It was taken at Lyme (Regis), famous for, among other things, conger cuddling* (excuse me, coddling). Of course Lyme is also a town in southern Connecticut, USA, where, in 1975, there was a rash of rashes which we now know were caused by a spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi. Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland we are at the epicenter of Lyme Disease incidence. It is a nasty problem.

*[Conger coddling is a traditional event in Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, in which a dead conger eel is thrown at members of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).]

I think that this is a species of "super crab" compared to the shark on the lower right.

I thought I would include this one, even without a crab, because I think that the key at the bottom of the picture indicates these are candies. And, I am quite found of the chocolate represented by Hersey kisses.


Felix said...

Disclaimer: the credit for the first mage is not mine; ut was spotted, and sent, by Judith Acland


Felix said...

Spelling corrections ...

In the previous comment:

"mage" should real image

"ut" should read it


Felix said...

In the second frame ... I presume that "Hunter" is the name of the artist, not a description of the crab (nor a reference to the 1960 case of the Brookloined bridge)?

Julie Heyward said...

Pssst ... Dr. C, that's not a crab sent from a curmudgeon. That IS a curmudgeon. It's the nostrilo-pede himself wearing a crab costume. Note the multiple legs under the mask's "chin", the lack of hair, the shortage of FEET on the crab outfit(and we know where the others went (Hint: see "notes".))

When I first looked at the last one (with the Kisses), I thought it said "E-Bay." And I thought, my goodness, the capitalist instinct starts so young these days. Marketing the Halloween haul ...

Ray Girvan said...

Interesting. Didn't run into any conger coddling, but the downside to an otherwise pleasant day was Clare waking up the next morning with a tick attached. But, fortunately, no Lyme Disease has resulted from Lyme.