Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday Crab Blogging (on Sunday)

A dearth of crabs this week due to unforeseen circumstances. However....

This drawing is interesting because when asked what was the brown coloring around the flowers, the artist replied "its the air." I know we've got pollution but I think she was referring to the pollen that has invested our area this past month.

Around here if you ain't crabby, you ain't nuthin:


Julie Heyward said...

I think maybe the sky is more worrisome than the golden air; it looks like it would hurt if I hit my head on it. But, dammit, it's good and blue!

From this article I learn that the crab population is up by 60% (DUH! And most of that 60% comes directly from Dr. C's office -- and they didn't even mention him!) But I'm puzzled by two mentions of "slumbering" crabs. I'm not sure Dr. C's bugeyed species are given to lying down, much less closing their eyes. Do they have bunk beds and jammies when I'm not looking? (Also, it seems sort of unsporting to eat a slumbering crab. Surely we only eat them once they're wide awake?)

Felix said...

I want one of those hats!!!!

Julie Heyward said...

"I want one of those hats!!!!" -- Felix

You'll need to downsize your head quite a bit to fit it. Try this.