Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Crab Blogging

Crabs are starting to run; we seem to have gotten stuck on certain crayons; thank Gott they are not Prussian Blue!

Mr. Crabs, for we uninitiated, is a character on Sponge Bob Square Pants (the most insidiously banal TV show, apparently, that has ever come along, excluding the Gong Show.)

Now I couldn't resist this last one:

This is, apparently a "wine show"; I didn't ask mom, but I suspect that she has been checking out the local wine tasting events.


Julie Heyward said...

I am completely stumped by the second one. It looks just like ... a crab!! I can't find anything wrong with it. But I'm on the case, working hard.

Likewise, I am undecided on the last one. It seems to be mocking me.

Are all of these pictures by girls and/or is it good for either sex to be forced to work exclusively with the pink crayon, for every/anything? Personally, my pink crayon is reserved for ... pink things.

[I neglected to comment on last week's black and white entries, the second of which looks to me like a hundred-year-old male conga dancer -- with his pants belted just under his chin.]

Felix said...

My first thought on this one was: a Hanukkah crab gathering! :-)

Or, of course, the brachyuran equivalent of a motorcycle display team...

Dr. C said...

I am not sure why particular crayons are picked, they have a fairly wide choice. I have often wondered if children "see" colors differently than we do since they frequently "see" other things different. Of course, all we have is our own memory which is iffy at the best.

If one follows Felix's lead, one discovers that the uran of brachyuran is "tail." Also, that crab lice are not true crabs. I knew that.