Saturday, March 06, 2010

Friday Crab Blogging (late)

No crabs today. Just a fish:


P.S. Busy, busy busy. Please excuse.


Julie Heyward said...

Where's the FISH? All I see is a pig wearing tighty whities.

Felix said...

Definitely a fish, Ms H. And a beautiful tropical fish at that.

And a fish in a bubble. The bubble is one of those things that we have educated (?) into us at an early age ... "nice house, Felix; where's the sky and grass" ... so I scribble in the minimum blue and green to shut the critic up, enclosing my house (the important thing) in a bubble of social respectability... after a while, I learn the lesson, and any house is automatically encased in agreen and blue bubble.

I'm 100% confident that Dr C isn't a critic of that sort ... but someboy, somewhere,has ensured that this young artist will always encase any fish (even a white one probably seen in an aquarium) in a blue bubble. Ach, how we do strive to encase young imaginations in similar bubbles of conformity...

Dr. C said...

You gets what you gets. I ask for crabs and get a fish. If only pigs had fins.

Encasing young minds in a bubble of conformity. Definitely food for thought. Do adults deliberately do this? Or, is it a cultural reflex. Of course children are not the only ones prone to encasement. I guess we now call it Lakoff framing. (also here,
here and here.