Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random pics

Santa Claus and Dr. C.
Many people do not believe that Santa Claus is my brother. Here is irrefutable proof. Oh, and by the way, we had a record snow last night.

Getting in Line to Sing Silent Night

Serious Christmas

Snow Attack on the Yew

Merry Christmas!


Felix said...

[laughter] You and your brother look like a pair of Lewis chessmen :-)

Julie Heyward said...

"Santa Claus" looks suspiciously like a ballistic warhead. A Christmas present for the Senate? (Don't let me stop you ...)

The little one in the "Serious Christmas" picture is putting The Eye on me. Or something ...

Dr. C said...

Yes, Julie, there is a Santa Claus (if you work for the Health Insurance industry or Big Pharm). As for the rest of us peons, we'll just have to eat crabs.

Someone pointed out that we should not be too dismayed at how much "compromise" Obama made, via Reid. After all, when Social Security was first voted in 1935 it was pretty restrictive:
"Most women and minorities were excluded from the benefits of unemployment insurance and old age pensions. Employment definitions reflected typical white male categories and patterns. Job categories that were not covered by the act included workers in agricultural labor, domestic service, government employees, and many teachers, nurses, hospital employees, librarians, and social workers."

As the years progressed, it was incrementally improved. Maybe the same thing will happen to Health Care, but not in my lifetime.