Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging (a little late)

First we have a guest crab from "over there":

I am told by reliable sources that the image on the bottom right is that of a crab. However, referral to the diagram immediately below seems to indicate that whilst this crab might be capable of walking, it most certainly would not be able to swim. Furthermore it lacks the essential chelipedae necessary for anything comestible. This is certainly not to cast dispersions on any creature wishing to assume the mantle (carapace) of a crab (especially a guest crab,) but to register awe at its ability to disguise itself as a revolutionary gnat.

Jesiah's effort is quite nice. His deeply indented chelipedae indicate a correspondingly deep understanding or the ravenous soul of the crab.

Finally we come to a close approximation of the ultimate crab. THE crab, in many's estimation, combines crabs, chocolate and, of course, red wine. (These replace "good weather" and "a twelve string guitar" as the ultimate desires of my youth.)


Ray Girvan said...

I am told by reliable sources that the image on the bottom right is that of a crab

I admit I'm not entirely clear. It might be a Crown-of-Thorns Starfish, which has sixfold symmetry, including (weirdly) six anuses.

It being New Year's Eve, that inspires a song (to the tune of Sex Bomb):

Six bums, six bums, that's what I've got,
It causes confusion when I go to the pot,
Six bums, six bums, that's what I said,
Without them I'd be dead.

Dr. C said...

As you note, this opens up vast possibilities for scatalogical humor. The Evo-Devo ramifications (how we evolved from starfish with radial symmetry to our bilateral symmetry) are also interesting. Now there is a missing link.

Julie Heyward said...

It would be interesting to cross this crab with the chocolate one -- and a beverage of choice.