Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Watch This Space!!!


I am so far behind, I might never catch up (envisions rest of life running after train; always being 3 minutes behind everybody else in the Universe. [<-- May classify as alternative]).

So, here are the upcoming projects:
(1) Think about what comic books have to say about American culture in the 50's (hint, may involve obnoxious pictures of Blackhawk:

and Miss America):

And, before I am accused of the mortal sin of chauvinism, don't forget that this is the only experience I have to work from.
[This is in response to multiple posts from JSBlog, Unreal Nature and the Growlery.]

(2) Tidy up comments on the art meme (Oh, no, Mr. Bill, not that again) (Don't you like that little britishism, "Tidy up?")

(3) Post on Homeopathy, the light year dilution.

(4) Post on the crisis in Immunizations (hint: 100 years ago about 40% of children died before they reached the age of 5).

(5) Post on this fascinating picture from the Growlery:

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