Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging (a little late)

I need to talk to Jaden's mom (who is a school teacher). I really don't think its good publicity to be known as "Doktr K". Its more like a rap group or something. But, anything for a good crab.

Now Carson is just 4 but he apparently has some emerging issues with mirror writing. I didn't notice this until I scanned it. Mom might also be a school teacher. Katie (above) is his sister so I think things will be o.k. (oh, and this is definitively not a crab, but I am not sure what it does represent. Perhaps it is "the medium through which all the moments that have been savored and measured and found meaningful" is expressed. Who knows?)


Felix Grant said...

Whatever Carson has painted, it fills me with the same joie de vivre as Jaden's crab seems to be experiencing ... and the authorless pale sea green "leap for joy" crab for that matter ... and is it a trick of the light or is Katie's crab flying on wings of song? Joy seems to be breaking out all over in the realm of Herr Doktr Krabb! :-)

Dr. C said...

I would of said Herr Doktr Krabbi but you are perfectly correct. There is a significant amount of joie de vivre in the drawings (due in no small part to the fact that they all were up to date on thier immunizations).

Dr. C said...

My word, "would of" for "would have." I be hangn on the streets 2 long.