Friday, May 15, 2009

Charles Krauthammer - supposedly an M.D.

Charles Krauthammer writes an op-ed for the Washington Post. Charles Krauthammer advocates torture. Even worse, he pretends to speak for the American people:
On the morality of waterboarding and other "torture," Pelosi and other senior and expert members of Congress represented their colleagues, and indeed the entire American people, in rendering the reasonable person verdict. What did they do? They gave tacit approval. In fact, according to Goss, they offered encouragement. Given the circumstances, they clearly deemed the interrogations warranted. (emphasis added)
Forget for the moment that Pelosi did no such thing. Waterboarding is torture. The current President of the United States has reaffirmed this. He has also stated categorically that we will not use torture in interrogation of prisoners.

I am almost always cynical about things, particularly politics. The current storm concerning Nancy Pelosi is certainly designed to obfuscate the liability of the former President and Vice President in approving the use of torture on prisoners. Support for this, as is very evident in Charles Krauthammer's columns, is criminal and should be punishable by fines and imprisonment. Certainly this would happen in a civilized country.

Charles Krauthammer, you are no Medical Doctor.


Felix Grant said...

I think I almost preferred it when people pretended that torture didn't happen. I dunno. At least I didn't have to listen to their sickening hypocrisy.

On the matter of MDs ... the number of medically trained people involved in development and refinement of torture techniques and methodologies (in all countries) is truly horrifying. And in other dehumanisations for that matter - Dr Narut's preparation of assassins, for example.

Dr. C said...

Of course you are right; as you will recall, Radovan Karadžić was a psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

Obama's declaration of waterboarding as torture didn't confirm it to be so. He has only expressed his opinion and everyone has that right.
The Congress didn't give "tacit" approval. If they had stopped it would it have been "tacit" disapproval?
Do you honestly, honestly now, think that if criminal behavior on the part of Bush and/or Chaney were prosecutable that the Democrats wouldn't have jumped all over it? They haven't because it's not. And if it were then Pelosi and her cohorts would have to down with them.