Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Crab Blogging

Eric assured me that there was a crab amongst these sea "creatures"; what can I say?

Kyla did well for her age; note the dress on the person

If they say "location, location" in Real Estate, we say "perspective, perspective" in this cubby hole of Art.

This child is actually borderline autistic and likes to draw. I try to put myself in his brain when constructing this crab. The little appendages are seen most frequently on human figures and signify toes (see below). The circular scribble in the center was an afterthought and, I suspect, represents coloring. Much food for thought (sic).

Joshua refused to draw a crab and insisted on a Jelly Fish. We will allow one Jelly Fish on alternate Fridays.

This is a picture of this youn lady's mom as she appears in her chic Oscar Night outfit (see through, you know). Please note the detail such as cupid lips and fingers (see above). In spite of an excellent drawing, she still had to get her Kindergarten immunizations. Life is tough sometimes.

(we will have much more to say about immunizations in the future; when we get time to say anything about anything)

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