Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Excuse me....

Whoops! See Update below.

Excuse me, but do you think I'm an idiot? Why are we just now, almost seven years later, learning this?
Ivins's possession of the drying device, known as a lyopholizer, could help investigators explain how he might have been able to send letters containing deadly anthrax spores to U.S. senators and news organizations.

The device was not commonly used by researchers at the Army's sprawling biodefense complex at Fort Detrick, Md., where Ivins worked as a scientist, employees at the base said. Instead, sources said, Ivins had to go through a formal process to check out the lyopholizer, creating a record on which authorities are now relying. He did at least one project for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency that would have given him reason to use the drying equipment, according to a former colleague in his lab.
This whole story just stinks to high heaven. From the false accusations of Hatfill to the planting of stories on ABC.

As with the Bush administration and war crimes. If this is not resolved we might as well pack up and go home. Except there is no home to go to.


Update: Now Glenn Greenwald relays the information that the alleged perp, having conveniently committed suicide, actually would have had access to lypholizer in his work. You just can't win in this Bush America.

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