Sunday, July 06, 2008

Let the Hand Wringing Begin...

Well, it looks like the good ole USA is finally going down the tubes. While the pundits are not quite saying it, there is some clutching of pearls inside the Beltway (my God, the Beltway itself is awful; one takes one's life in one's hands in a bumper to bumper speedway simulacrum). And, liberal bloggers are starting to comment.

The most frightening analysis, though, was posted on Gorilla's Guides entitled: Why the USA can't leave Iraq. Quite simply, its the oil.

If you really don't think that the USA is in the slammer and heading for economic disaster after you read this, watch the video in the Crook's and Liars post: Dana Milbank: Economic Anxiety Disorder or One Nervous Bushie.

Iraq and Iran have vast amounts of oil. Americans of all stripes insatiable need for oil products. It is not very hard to imagine us justifying War in order to satisfy this craving.


(supplants the old one: "Lebensraum, said Daniel Boone!"; I know, I know, Godwin's Law.)

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