Tuesday, July 29, 2008

General Betray Us

From here:
Overall violence in Iraq is declining to almost "normal" levels, General David Petraeus told USA Today in an interview published Tuesday, following a string of attacks the day before.

The commander of US forces in Iraq warned however that the trend could be reversed by "sensational attacks" like those Monday in Baghdad and Kirkuk that killed some 56 Iraqis.

"If you could reduce these sensational attacks further, I think you are almost approaching a level of normal or latent violence," he told the newspaper in a phone interview from Baghdad.(emphasis added)
Screw you General. A disgruntled jerk opens fire in a Tennessee church and kills two and the American press goes wild for two to three days. Is that what you call latent violence? In my opinion, you are one of the war criminals. I think many in the World feel the same.

We will see how you do after January 20.


Felix Grant said...

One should, perhaps, not expect a professional soldier to have "normal" perceptions of what constitutes "normal" levels of violence...

"Latent" violence, of course, is deeply damaging in its own right. I grew up through those years of deeply distorting latent nuclear war.

Dr. C said...

I guess I would agree with you except that Petraeus is not your regular professional soldier. He can't have it both ways. He is up to his neck in the political side of this insane "war". He is like Bush in that Bush brags that he is the "War President" yet when a tough decision, like bringing home troops, presents itself, he begs off on the decision letting the Generals make the decision. When its strutting across an aircraft carrier, he's all for being in charge.
This whole thing reeks so badly that I don't think we will ever get out from under it which isn't so bad for me but it is for all those kids I see ever day (and who draw me crabs.)

Felix Grant said...

I really should have learned by now that I don't do either irony or sarcasm well...

I agree with your assessment of Petraeus in every detail.