Sunday, April 06, 2008

What would you do?

What would you do if the Iraqi Air Force called in a helicopter strike on your neighborhood and put your daughter in the hospital:

Or, worse yet, killed your son:

I'd be very angry. Very, very angry.


Anonymous said...

Your point is taken, however, what you don't seem to understand or are unwilling to admit is that for childeren and civilian adults to die needlesly in Iraq is a typical day....long before the US arrived.

Dr. C said...

Actually, anonymous, you are partially correct. There were extensive civilian casualties in the 90's when we weren't "in" Iraq. Those sanctions, following on the extensive bombing of Iraq's infrastructure during the first Gulf War were devastating. From Wikipedia: Some researchers say that over a million Iraqis, disproportionately children, died as a result of the sanctions.

The United States has had the controlling influence on Iraq since the first Gulf War. It is a conservative estimate that over a million children haved died because of this influence. All children's deaths are needless. Perhaps you are unwilling to admit this.