Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Crab Blogging

Now a note of importance. Only the female of the Angler Fish has this lure!! It is a:
...piece of dorsal spine that protrudes above their mouths like a fishing pole—hence their name. Tipped with a lure of luminous flesh this built-in rod baits prey close enough to be snatched. Their mouths are so big and their bodies so pliable, they can actually swallow prey up to twice their own size.
I thought you would be interested in that. We can be thankful that black widow spiders and praying mantii don't have them. Caveat femina! On the other hand, it is no wonder that she is cross-eyed!I suspect the glowing flesh is probably luceferin, like the fire fly. On the other hand it could be a midshipman fish (called so because of the bright buttons on a midshipman), but it is most likely Coelenterazine.
There is a crab here, if you can find it!

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