Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mr. McCain, please read this

This man has recently been in Iraq. He claimed before he went and while he was there that "things are going better." He visited a market (with a hundred troops, circling helicopters and wearing body armor) where he bought a rug.

Mr. McCain, your support for the occupatin of Iraq has led to incredible misery. Misery for which the world blames the United States, even though many of us have been against the invasion since its inception. If you doubt that there is misery, read this:

Sarah Abdullah, a beautiful girl of 8 years old, was an eyewitness to her father’s slaying two years ago, while he was giving her a lift to school one day in the predominantly Sunni Mosul.
Sarah, who could not speak for a while after the tragedy and who lost her mother from grief for her dead father, said “I knew that they went to heaven. However, I would look at the sky through my window everyday hoping to catch a glimpse of them.”

Ms. Khadija, the orphanage keeper or Mama Khadija as the children like to call her, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI) “Sarah has passed through a difficult time. She used to scream at night and was unable to live with her relatives, but here she has found herself in harmony with other children.”
“She has been here for ten months now and still has nightmares. I stay up entire nights reading the Quran by her bed for tranquility. Sarah would sleep then as she embraces me,” the orphanage keeper said.

And this:
Hamid Abdul-Razzaq, 12, has sorrow stamped on his face as he lost his entire family when a mortar shell fell on their house three years ago. He was the only survivor because he was outside buying breakfast food for the family.

Hamid told VOI, “all words are in vain… I lost a whole family who were buried under my house. I cursed myself for not being among them when the round fell on them. What is the taste of life if you do not have a living father, a mother, sisters and brothers. Now I have none. The orphanage cares much for us but I would like to be part of a family rather than a member of an orphanage.”

Then look at these pictures:

Mr. McCain, what the United States has done, and what we are doing, in Iraq is wrong. Dead wrong. How can anyone be more explicit than that.


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Anonymous said...

I would bet that the injuries sustained by these children were not caused by the US Military, but rather by the carzy Islamists that are in the throws of civil war. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Dr. C said...

What goddamn difference does it make, anon? They are children, and they are injured, and if you look in a mirror you'll see who's responsible.