Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Crab Blogging

This guy's been watching too many videos.

Sneaked a lobster in.

I know, Iknow. He's Sponge Bob's significant other. Whatever.


markfromireland said...

too many videos or not it's still an interesting thought especially when coupled with last weeks offerings.

They land on the Whitehouse lawn ... Pinch ... now Mr. President ... pinch ... you managed to avoid impeachement ... you can run .... you can hide .. but impinchment will always catch up with you ... pinch ... just let your inner child take over ... pull a politician's hair ...

Two budding artists joined the gorilla tribe this weekend.

Dr. C said...

thanks, MFI
I am now beginning to realize how so many "good" Germans were able to live with the horror of what their troops and concentration camp personnel did in WWII. At the current time there are at two main responses to the carnage in Iraq. The first, exemplified by a student that I had, was to feign complete ignorance of the magnitude and horror of so many people, especially children, dying a violent death. The second, those who for one reason or another can't feign ignorance, is to feel benumbed by the magnitude. A few, a very few, say the following: "Why are we so upset about 32 students being shot by a deranged young man at Virginia Tech when the next day we show no emotion when 126 innocent men, women and children are killed in Iraq?"

The hardest part about reading Gorilla Guides is knowing that the accusation of personal responsibility of Americans for the horror in Iraq rings true. In spite of priests and preachers getting up and pontificating every Sunday and the Rotweiller in Rome (ex Nazi that he is) going on about limbo, there is still no confronting this issue of moral responsibility, particularly in the White House.

The Democrats in Congress, once our only hope, have begun to waffle. Once you waffle on an issue like this you have lost.

As I said last week, I have no idea what to do at this point.

Dr. C.