Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I guess I should be blase and accept the high-jinks going one in Washington as just another political silly season. But, it is really hard to see our Country undergo such an onslaught of craziness. One thing that few have addressed is what any scenario will mean for the remainder of the Obama administration, about 17 months. It has been clear from the start that the Republicans want to bury the man. (Many of us believe this has definite racial overtones). From what has happened in the last week, it is clear that they have no respect for Obama as president, Obama as a man, and, most dangerously, Obama as a leader. They should remember that for the next 17 months he is Commander in Chief of the most powerful Army and atomic arsenal in the world. Yet, they treat him as some kind of cabin boy. Actually, the next event on their calendar will be impeachment. For what sin, I don't know. They will probably invent one.

No matter what happens with the debt ceiling fiasco, there is no chance of getting any kind of needed legislation through the current Congress after it finishes. If, for some reason, Boehner has to eat crow (now that would be a lovely sight), he is spiteful enough to stall any initiative that might come out of the Obama White House. Of course, I am cynical enough to think that this has been Boehner and his cronies plan from the beginning.

There are an awful lot of angry people in the Country right now. There are few, if any, new jobs and people are frustrated. We could be in for a precarious 17 months. As for keeping Obama from being re-elected, I think that Boehner has probably succeeded. However, the Bronze Devil may go down with him.


Felix said...

I pass on, without comment, Vince Cable's assertion on Sunday that...

“The irony of the situation at the moment, with markets opening tomorrow moning, is that the biggest threat to the world financial system comes from a few right-wing nutters in the American congress rather than the eurozone.”

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