Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Crab Blogging (late)

I have been reminded by the Growlery by his sending me the first of the day's catch below, that I haven't been very faithful to the Crab community. Herewith I promise to be more attendant to my duties:

(This from the Secret Gourmet by way of JSBlog and the Growlery)


Felix said...
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Felix said...

What a beautifully ethereal batch!

I am particularly taken with #3 and #4.

Good to have you (and the crabs) back :-)

Montag said...

I look forward to all this again when we visit our daughter in Bethesda at Easter. We'll take a side trip to the Bay and take it easy.

Dr. C said...

Thanks. As always, tardy. Do have a store of crabs in the locker to post.