Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Friday Crab Blogging

By order of her Majesty the Queen of the
The glorious Carrier of Water for diverse Philosophers of visual imaging. And Sundry Cheeses (big and otherwise):


Julie Heyward said...

Well ... okay. Is this for this week or last week? Because I need to update Accounts Receivable.

Your use of proper titles for myself is always appreciated. Coincidentally, I have spent more than a little time this week pondering the proper title for an exalted person in charge of crab presentation -- prompted by this article in The Economist. Notice that Kim Jong Il has 1,200 titles; I feel ... diminished with only a dozen or so and which somehow seem tarnished compared to (one of) his, "eternal bosom of hot love and greatest man who ever lived."

Dr. C said...

Consider it a bonus; or a make up; free of charge.

Yours in crabs
Dr. C. (Guardian Deity of the Planet)

Note: the word verification today is "sheat" as in aw sh-eat.

Ray Girvan said...

"O! the ochidore! look to the blue ochidore!"

Ray Girvan said...

I often wonder if the verification words are meaningful: the one below is "ovicrout", which sounds like some kind of highbrow term for egg on toast.

Dr. C said...

Naw, naw, Ray, its German Easter Egg