Saturday, May 01, 2010

Friday Crab Blogging (late)

We have an excellent collection of crabs today. Also, stay tuned, the second annual Big Crab Drawing Contest is in full swing and I should shortly have the winners on the Big Crab Contest blog.

One should notice that this is one of the true blue crabs that we have seen. Little does he know he is about to turn bright orange.

Wyatt had a little trouble with the second claw (or cheliped), or maybe the crab got in a fight over a she crab. I don't know why two guys ever would, all them gals end up as soup anyway.
In any case: Crabs can also hear and produce a variety of sounds. In courtship some species attract the females attention by banging their cheliped on the ground or vibrating their walking legs. Each species has its own unique sound that can attract a female or intimidate a competing male.

Mikayla has got the anatomy right, except that the antenna seem to have another set of eyes.

You might think that this is just a happy little fellow until you realize those are claws

I had to include this even though there were no crabs. It is something out of Tim Burton. I think those are geese flying in formation in the sky, but who knows. Could be a pirate, too.

This is Madalyn

And this is her sister Anna who does not, in real life, have a crooked smile.


Julie Heyward said...

"I think those are geese flying in formation in the sky, but who knows." -- Dr. C

It's Stonehenge, seen from the side.

Felix said...

What a wonderful crop!

I look forward with great excitement to seeing The Big Crab Contest leap back up from second to bottom of The Growlery's (recency sorted) blog list to the top :-)

Felix said...

With reference to the frequent mention of a certain palaeolithic monument...

There is Melanie Safka song (Garden in the City) which contains the following words:

"The stone was his home;
He said his heart was mine.
He led me far away..."

I find myself wondering if it describes courtship between a Stonehenge dwelling medic and the Queen of the South.

If so, I am very happy for them: they are both lovely people, and I promise to attend (with full crab chorus and chicken booger gifts) their chymical wedding.

Julie Heyward said...

Not so fast, party boy. Don't put on your dancing sandals just yet. The Queen of the South's latest e-bay auction to marry a complete stranger for a crab dinner is not yet closed (pay no attention to the complaints in the extensive feedback on her numerous previous such auctions). The Stonehenge medic has a 12 digit odometer reading and a damaged yew tree.

[If your booger gifts are re-gifted and not freshpicked, she will know.]

Dr. C said...

But they'll say:
no no no no no no no no no no no no no
Everybody knows
I thought you knew
Hearts made of stone

BTW, Felix. While your heart is in the right place, Queen of the South is much to generic. It is probably more accurate to say Queen of the Rappahannock or, to the initiated, Regina Rappahannockium.

Felix said...


The river or the county?

Surely Her "No more Mrs Nice Queen" Majesty is not to be so parochially confined???