Saturday, October 03, 2009

Absolute Scary and not even Halloween

Sometimes browsing can lead to things you know should not exist, like the paramilitary organization called "American Police Force" recently investigated in Montana.

Click through the screens and be scared, very scared. Just ask W. Smith.

Of course, it is a parody, right? Right?


Ray Girvan said...

Yes, it is scary. One would have to partially blame many Americans' knee-jerk acceptance of anything with patriotic branding (US flags, eagles, and all that wanky stuff). I can't imagine anyone in the UK setting up some kind of private security company called "The British Police Force" without a complete WTF reaction and serious questions asked in both local and national government.

Dr. C said...

These things appeal to a percentage of Americans. I can't say how much but I would lump it in with the craziness that went on this summer protesting Obama's efforts to reform health care. Interestingly enough, these are the same loonies that think that black helicopters from the UN are going to swoop down and take there firstborn. How they keep it logically in order in their brains I don't know, but its a little like alternative universes.

Ray Girvan said...

BTW - I should clarify - I don't mean the emblems are "wanky" per se, but specifically when they're used cynically as branding to bypass critical analysis.