Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging

Yes this is a crab. We questioned its source.

This is also a crab, but there is ambiguity.

The little man gives you some perspective on the size of crabs here on the Eastern Shore. "One crab - One meal" that's our motto.

I think Daniel is into Pokemon.

A little color for the blog.

This is one of the finer portraits of my brother, aka Dr. Zeus.


Felix Grant said...

I love Justin's portrait of Dr Seuss. All of the works shown here are great, but Justin's has a beauty and economy which takes my breath away.

Dr. C said...

I thought you would like the tripil halos.

Julie Heyward said...

Is there a reason why so many of the recent crabs are so hirsute? Some have quite detailed coiffures.

Tristan's one (from Sept. 7) looks just like George Burns (before he died and with his rug on).

Dr. C said...

i first thought you were referring to the appendages of which there appear to be many. But you are correct about the toppings. I didn't know George Burns was a blonde, though. (he suppresses desire to make joke since Gracie would whop me up the side of the head when I get there, if I do.)