Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging

I think that there is crab trap on the left but, then, it could be lost pocketbook. The anchor is a good touch.

Rachael informed me that she was "crabby." In addition, I had to "Deal with it."

This is my one and only workboat. Pretty authentic with cabin in the back and little smoke stack. Take a look at the watermen. They are a vanishing breed.


Felix Grant said...

#1, #3 and #6 all seem to be having a bad day. #1 looks like s/he could be (literally) a bundle of nerves.

#2, however, looks decidedly cheery about being out of water in the sun!

#4 is definitely inspired by Joan MirĂ³. #5 is overdoing the growth hormone supplements.

I think I would like Rachel G :-)

Dr. C said...

Hadn't thought of the Miro touch. Maybe a crab mobile..