Monday, January 19, 2009

Gaza Day 24

What can one say?


cwilkie said...

Absent in your many posts is your outrage at Hamas. Hamas is the originator of the most recent violence. Hamas is the side that huddles amungst the civilian population and launches attacks from amungst the civilian population. It is Hamas who puts it's populus at risk. And don't forget, Hamas counts in it's rank of warriors, small/young children and women. It is entirely possible that one or more of the cute faces you depict as "victims" is actually a Hamas suicide bomber.

Dr. C said...

cwilkie, I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog. It would be hard for one of the children (and I don't know that a face devastated by white phosphorus should be labelled "cute") to be a suicide bomber for a very obvious reason. It is sad that you don't get it, but there will always be people like. Sadly.

Dr. C.

Redjalapeno said...

You see, we wanted to kill that Hamas guy no matter where he might hide.

If he hid in a mosque and we bomb it, well it is his fault we bombed the mosque and not ours for pulling the trigger.

If he wanted to hide in a house with women and children and we bomb it,
killing everyone inside
, it is his fault we bombed it and not ours.

If he wanted to hide in a school with little children and we bomb it killing them all,
it is his fault that we bombed it and not ours.

If we push the Palestinians out of their homeland because it was given to us,
it is the Palestinians fault that we occupy their land.

If we continue to encroach on their land and build illegal settlements, it is their fault
for being in our way
. We are after all, the chosen people.

If we choose to massacre 1300+ Palestinians (of which about a fourth are innocent children boo-hoo),
displace another 6000 or more, destroy their homes and their gardens, their culture, their families, deny humanitarian aid, and continually dehumanize their very existence, why of course it is their fault.

If we choose to commit genocide, ethnic cleansing, whatever you want to call it, we will do it and we will blame the dirty Palestinians for it.

We will make their lives hell - day in and day out. And if they dare lash out against the hopelessness we have given them, then it is their fault that we bomb them into submission, not ours.

Yes, yes, of course these conditions will continue to create poverty, hopelessness, violence and a culture of despair. We will kill these kid's fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandmothers,grandfathers because if we don't, the very conditions that we impose will indeed turn a few of these children into revengeful and angry killers.
That's why we have to kill them too.

But that is not our problem, it is the Palestinian's fault.

Cwilkie said...

The tragedy occuring in Gaza is not the fault of the entire population of Gaza, but squarly belonging to Hamas. Hamas is the blame when the mosque gets bombed. What is Israel to do, wait until these scum walk out of the mosque and into the open? If Hamas would be uncowardly and uniform themselves and fight like a real military and not hide amungst the civilian population, then the civilian tragedies would be graeatly minimized. You can not apply western sensibilities to the peopel in that region, particularly the Islamists, since they do not have the same value system as the rest of the world as their actions illustrate. Also, don't you find it currious that no other country in the region is coming to the aid of the Palastenians (other than the Mujahadeen)?

What is the obvious reason why none of the children depicted on your blog could be suicide bombers? Presumably you mean beacuse they are alive. Perhaps Hamas hasn't chosen their mission yet, and that is why they are still alive? You must know that Hamas and other radical Islamist groups recruit children and women as suicide bombers. Where is your outrage about that?

Dr. C said...

RJ. Thanks for your comment. It certainly expresses my sentiments. However, it looks like our friend still doesn't get it.

cwukjue. You apparently didn't read the post on the island of Melos. Yes, it is true that the children are not suicide bombers because they are alive. They are also not suicide bombers because they are children. Do I actively support Hamas? No. But an entire population cannot be "scum."

Clearly, you do not think Palestinians are real people. They are. And their children are like children all over the world, except that over 400 of them are now dead and the rest are traumitized and probably starving.

Israel has let its neighbors know that it cannot live with them. There are 180 million neighbors. There are six million in Israel. I don't know what is going to happen but it won't be good.

Cwilkie said...

You said...."They are also not suicide bombers because they are children."

You are wrong...being a child is no exemption for becoming a suicide least not with Islamists. The follwoing links support this claim:




I can provide more evidence if needed.

I do not think that all Palestinians are scum, and I do sympathise with the children especially, but they (adult Pal) are responsible for their plight, by supporting Hamas and other radical Islamists. They are their own worst enemy. I don't think the outlook for the entire situation is very pleasant, but be assured that it will not be Israel that is the agressor or instigator in the forthcoming holocost.

Felix Grant said...

cwilkie said...

> If Hamas would be uncowardly
> and uniform themselves and
> fight like a real military
> and not hide amungst the
> civilian population...

Tell me, Cwilkie, do you apply the same standards, judgements and criteria to the murderous campaign by Irgun Tsvei Leumi against indigenous Palestinian Arabs in the years before establishment of the Israeli state?