Saturday, November 01, 2008

Are the nukes ready, Alderman?

One of the more ludicrous contentions of this vastly ludicrous election is the that Sarah Palin is qualified to be POTUS because she was the mayor of a very small village in Alaska. This is from the debate yesterday in Alaska between Senator Stevens (R-convicted) and Democrat challenger Mark Begich:
Tracy (moderator): Is Gov. Palin qualified, sir, as president?

Stevens: Yes she is. Yes she is. I think she is. She’s had experience as a mayor. She’s had experience, really, as a governor. And she is what I think the American women have sought for a long time, she’s another candidate for a presence of a woman in our national leadership. So I think she’s qualified and I think our people would like to see her become president… vice president.

I’d like to see her become president, as a matter of fact.(emphasis added)
Cut to the Mayor's office of Wasilla:
Alderman Jones: "Mr Mayor, the police force of Mayville is assembling a strike team to invade our town's dump. We can't allow this.

Mayor Palin: "You are certainly right, Alderman (wink, wink)"

Alderman Jones: "Would you like me to call in the deputies?"

Mayor Palin: "No, no, no. They are probably all A-rabs over there. I think we should nuke 'em. Prepare the Really Big One. (wink, wink)"

Alderman Jones: "But Mayor, the Really Big One destroys an area out to five miles and Mayville is only two miles away!"

Mayor Palin: "I said use the Really Big One. God will protect us. (Realy Big Wink)"

Boom!!! Cut to Heaven...


Redjalapeno said...

"Cut to heaven..."

It's a new day Doc.

My money is on Palin not being a force outside the conservative base. I believe the wingnuts will be moved to the perimeter and/or the GOP will disentegrate over the next 4-6 years.

Will they go away? NEVER! But I believe their power of influence just evaporated.

Evolution is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

While not attempting to defend Palin, I do wonder what you think Obama's qualifications are that make hime qualified to be POTUS? He has never been an executive or held any executive office. He has nearly no voting record in the Senate nor in the Illinois legislature. Granted, he speaks much more elequently than does Palin, and I'd bet he has a higher IQ, but I don't quite understand your belittling of Palin's experience.