Saturday, June 21, 2008

The End of an Era

I know, I know....drama, drama. But the passage of a bill that trashes our Constitution, and grants immunity to the telecoms who conspired with Bush to break the law, is a very, very sad thing for our Country. We had a law. The law was clear. The law provided for wiretapping and for emergencies. Bush broke the law. (If he didn't, then why did Congress have to immunize the telecoms? If they didn't break the law at Bush's behest, then there was no need to worry.). They broke the law but there will be no consequences. So, the President can basically do anything he wants. Where have we heard that before?

All of that is bad, but the saddest thing is Barrack Obama signing onto it. I realize he energizes the masses. But to countenance breaking the law? What kind of President is he going to be? Of course, McCain is out there supporting this too.

So much for the United States and the rule of law.

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