Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Crab Blogging

In memory of all the children who have died in Irak.


markfromireland said...

Bad news - I'm back :-) Currently enjoying my two nearly new & nicely elongating grandsons. It'll be quite a while before they're old enough to produce art work of this calibre. They are however old enough to make approving gurgling noises when stroked. Sufficient to the moment are the pleasures thereof.

Current plans are for me to go back to Irak in a few weeks.

Thanks for caring and raising your voice.


Dr. C said...

Glad to see you're back. Was wondering where you went. Congrats on the grandsons.
I hope to do a post soon on Maryam's interview on FireDogLake. I feel a certain affinity to her since I have a past incarnation as a pedi onc. It is impossible not to be devastated reading her reports.

markfromireland said...

If you do you might find this posting useful - it's the source of the image so many people found upsetting: 13129

A chap you might be able to get access to is Dr. Haydar Frangoul of Vanderbilt University he did a study in partnership with two pediatric oncologists at the University of Baghdad Children’s Hospital - Drs. Salma Al-Hadad and Mazin Al-Jadiry.

It came out in January of this year. I think its publication was sponsored by the American Society of Hematology or perhaps it was a conference paper. I can't recall just now which of the two.

It's a pretty detailed study of close to 700 children treated for lymphocytic leukemia at the Children’s Welfare Teaching Hospital between 1990, (when sanctions started,) and 2002. They documented missed chemotherapy doses of chemotherapy, as well as why the treatments were missed.

If you do write it - would you consider allowing me to post it as a guest posting on "Guides?"

Nearly 90% of our readership are from Muslim country's primarily from a humanitarian or military background.

It would do no harm and might do a bit of good for them to be reminded that there are Americans who are horrified by what's been done and what continues to be done. Our rules for guest postings on "Guides" are that there are no rules. We don't even spellcheck it. A short intro and then "you're at your granny's" as we say back home.

As you're of papistical background :-) you might enjoy how Dubhaltach (my son) announced Dario and Uffe's arrival. It seems like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms the way he now holds them in his. Sometimes doc life is beyond surpassingly good.

Dr. C said...

I will try to do a post on this. I'll post it here and, if you want, you can cross post it to GG.
Dr. C.