Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Libby Verdict

I really have to comment on the Libby verdict. Even though one of my friends feels that the moment of change was last November's elections, I really feel that this verdict, by a jury of randomly selected lay people, vetted by the defense attorneys, was a milestone. It was a demonstration that the American people, no matter what the World says about us, are, at heart, committed to the rule of Law. If only this could have happened before the tragedy of Iraq.

It is no matter that this will be overturned in appeal on a technicality. It is no matter that, if that fails, Bush will pardon little "Scooter" in January 2009. What matters is that, in spite of thousands of dollars on defense, the truth came through. That a Republican prosecuter actually achieved a conviction of one of the highest officials in the Bush White House. And that even at this date, the White House doesn't get it!

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