Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How can the obscene be beautiful?

This bomber has only one function in life, to destroy things and people. That includes children.

Is there any way out of the horror that we have created?


montag said...

Thank goodness you still see it as obscene. The future may only see it as beautiful.

Back when war was not the primary occupation of this country, there was considerable opinion that war was hell.
Now it is something quite different.
Indeed, this present war was described as a "cakewalk" and we had reached the time when wars would pay for themselves via oil revenues.
Strange indeed. However, the majority of us believed such canards. In fact, the more outrageous, the more we seemed to believe them.

The trickster gods switch things back and forth. We have to hold on for dear life.

Dr. C said...

Thanks, Montag.
The only way to describe what is going on in Iraq is Hell. I try to read Gorilla's Guides (on my blog roll) but the carnage becomes almost impossible to tolerate for anyone with a conscience. Some of us thought that once we got a Democratic Congress things would change. Well, they may be changing but at the rate of a glacier. When we think back in the future (if there is a future)it will be a sad, sad time.

montag said...

I found Gorilla Guides. It is quite good.
I have seen quite a few places where the descriptions and the photos defy belief.

I personally am astounded to have reached my age, and suddenly to find myself faced with the monsters bred by the sleep of reason, the sleep of faith...the sleep of all good values within our governemnt.