Saturday, January 06, 2007

Barbara Boxer the Ecumenicist

I was really struck by this:
Boxer said legislation on climate change will be her No. 1 priority as committee chairwoman. She plans to conduct hearings early next year with scientists, environmentalists and religious leaders who want to address climate change. She also will ask business leaders to testify about their efforts to limit greenhouse gases.

Religious leaders? What? Are we to include the local Swami? Maybe Pat Roberts and Billy Graham (though his kids are arguing about where he's going to be buried).

What does a religious leader have to say about the environment other than to take up our valuable public time arguing about intelligent design.



Anonymous said...

I think you're casting unfair aspersions on the religious community. There are even some evangelicals that are concerned about global warming, though the last big-time leader to say so was booted out of the Christian Coalition. But, if you poll younger evangelicals, they are much more likely to believe in conservation and global warming.

Also, a lot of the good work that is done is closely associated with religious groups. Look at the Council of Churches, USA, or the Quakers with the American Friends Service Committee, and FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation) or the Salvation Army, or the various Unitarian groups trying to end the use of torture. Or various Jewish groups that do charity work.

I have to tell you that you're a little ignorant on this one.

I'll admit there are an awful lot of religious wackos, but you shouldn't paint all religious people with the same brush.

Dr. C said...

Your are correct, anonymous, I should not have painted this with a broad brush. There are many religious communities who environmentally active. What I was playing off was the social issue of fundamental religions influencing scientific discourse as at the Grand Canyon, which I am sure you are aware of. Fundamentalist religion often supports an extreme conservative agenda which, in spite of all that science has done for it (e.g. creating the technological boom which makes their wealth) tend to be ignorant of such rather important things like global warming.